Our Process

Lead Generation

Lead acquisition is the life blood of any business whether it sells products, or services. Referrals are great, but new opportunities to grow your business don’t always walk in the door. You need a marketing strategy to expand your customer base. How is that done with all the possible ways to connect to potential consumers? Tele Stream has a dedicated team of marketing professionals to help you cover all the bases with inbound and outbound telemarketing, search engine marketing and paid advertisement and marketing campaigns. Need help reaching your sales goals? Count on Tele Stream.

Lead Qualification

How many of your leads go uncontacted and thus unsold? Some business schools say up to 80% of leads never get a return call from sales staff. Despite the complaints from sales staff about old, fake or unqualified, the fault may be in the process, not in the lead. How does your business process sales leads? Tele Stream can help. Let our inbound telemarketers qualify the leads and let your skilled sales people do what they do best, sell! Count on Tele Stream.

Lead Distribution

Strategic lead distribution improves the close rates. Making sure that leads are distributed with a plan will improve your bottom line. Speed, accurate choice of sales personnel and other factors assure that your customers get better service and you get better sales. Count on Tele Stream.

Tech Support

There are many companies that provide internet marketing services, count on the one with 24/7 tech support, professionals available to solve problems should they arise. Count on TeleStream.

Custom Campaigns

One size fits all? maybe in baseball caps, but not in marketing. Your business needs something different? Tele Stream can handle it. Our marketing professionals have been designing unique, targeted campaigns to fit the needs of companies where one size doesn’t fit all. Contactus and let us show you how we work! Count on Tele Stream