How We Work

Know How Exactly Does Telestreamcorp Lead Seller Works?

    1. We will design and create landing pages for you so that you can generate high quality seller leads as per your business needs and requirements. However, we will retain proprietary rights over the web pages but you will have total access to backend features.

    2. Get TRAFFIC for selling your exclusive leads on landing pages through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn Or Any Other Social Media website online.

    3. CONVERT traffic into exclusive leads. This will bear testimony to the fact that your landing pages have been specially designed, tested and optimized for attracting sellers that are practically speaking your LEADS.

    4.Our system has a special drip email campaign feature which enables you to stay connected to new seller leads. As the drip emails can be fully customized, you can get leads even over the phone.

    5. New seller leads can be listed in MLS and this way commission checks can be cashed. A single commission check will be more than what you will pay us as fees for numerous years.

How Is Telestreamcorp Different From Its Competitors?

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  • Full Lead Management – Our lead management software comes standard with custom integrated CRM. All our competitors ask for additional charges every month for CRM which they suggest clients to use.

  • Assign leads to agents – With backend features you can create multiple agent accounts. Agents can have complete access to backend so that they can view the exact status of their leads. Furthermore, agents can also undertake drip email campaigns for the exclusive leads which they receive. Intend to work with a lender and assign leads? Well, you can do that by giving them full access to backend with their usernames and passwords!

  • Full control of every wallpaper background - You can add any number of backgrounds and arrange them in an orderly way while retaining full control over numerous rotating wallpapers.
  • Stay in contact with your new seller leads with our specially designed drip email campaign system! We have written tailor made custom drip emails that will get your leads ON THE PHONE!

  • Full Drip Email Campaign System - Drip email system in lead management software can be fully customized and integrated with the backend. On the other hand, our competitors demand extra money for using some other program’s email system.

  • Auto assign leads to your agents - It is possible to automatically assign leads to agents with our proprietary auto lead distributor feature provided in the lead management software system to agents as per their geographical location. This feature which is completely owned by us permits you to highlight a particular area on map and assign leads to agents in that area. At present, no software program has this feature.

  • Complete control of every piece of text on the site! - Currently, no other lead management software system has this unique feature that enables you to change texts, fonts, font colors and even font sizes on your website as per your liking. Even drop down menu option can be changed by using this feature.
How Telestreamcorp Works