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Managing client relationships can be extremely challenging for growing businesses. A better idea is to get a good lead management system with an integrated CRM feature. Here are few FAQs pertaining to how exactly a CRM solution works and how it will help your business.

Important Questions & Answers On CRM's

    1. Should I buy CRM solution or build a customized one?

    Any decision to purchase CRM solution must be based on your specific business needs. For building a customized online system, you may have to undertake several software development processes and the basis for that could be your exact business requirements.

    Furthermore, when you buy CRM software program, vendor is accountable for all issues concerning operational efficiency of the system. To that effect, timely bug fixing, support and customization services could be required to ensure that the CRM solution is flexible.

    2. What technologies should be used to develop CRM?

    It could be possible to develop CRM system by using various web frameworks, Symfony, Spring, Express, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails or Django. These programming languages can be used for creating stable and scalable solution that can process data quickly.

    Besides, even Java script can serve as powerful instrument for developing CRM apps. However, if you intend to get a CRM application which is capable of displaying geographic data then it is recommended that you to opt for Django framework.

    3. Which Industry Verticals included in Telestreamcorp?

    Any popular CRM system has sales, marketing and services modules. However, these modules can be further modified to handle many other day to day tasks such as Client Management, Invoice Management, Order Management, System Dashboard, Events And Tasks Management, etc.

    4. What’s the purpose of implementing lead management software?

    You may first list down things that you can achieve with a customized CRM software solution. Some of these might be as are mentioned below:

    • Boost sales activity
    • The main purpose of a lead management system is its ability to combine marketing and sales for focussing on the primary goal-increasing sales. While the system invariably has a lead database, it should be also capable of tracking all lead activities so that marketing actions like campaigns or promotions can be undertaken through SMS or emails. A sale on the other hand is facilitated when a particular lead spends more time on sales pages as well as in checking prices.

    • Increase lead numbers
    • An efficient lead management system has the capacity to collect vital data through various different lead generation channels and strike conversations with leads via SMS or periodic emails. And proper integration with online tools like surveys, popups as well as lead capture widgets ensures increase in the number of leads.

    • Analytics
    • All companies set insights on lead funnel and that helps them to do conversion analysis at every stage which is crucial for raising business revenues. In addition, it also serves to strengthen the overall online lead management process.

    5.How your Company Can Benefit from Telestreamcorp?

    CRM systems are being used in industries across different verticals. These include manufacturing sector, financial services, telecom sector, government as well as non-profit organizations, etc.

    6. How does Telestreamcorp help to maximize sales?

    An effective CRM solution can be instrumental in supporting sales team at every steps right from leads to client management. Here are some advantages of buying a cost-efficient CRM software.

    1. User can view as well as manage all activities pertaining to account & even communicate.
    2. User can generate different types of reports for forecasting sales and analyze business activity
    3. System can assess quality of leads by tracking probable customers.
    4. Client data can be centralized.
    5. User can access, update as well as share leads data with various departments.

    7. What Customization Can be done to CRM?

    The types of customizations that can be undertaken will depend on the exact type of CRM system. However, some general customizations may include the following:

    1. Custom modules & fields - Create new sections in CRM and remove unnecessary ones while picking fields for featuring each module.
    2. Custom fields - Different types of fields can be created such as email, textbox, checkbox, etc.
    3. Custom UI/UX design - Enables adding or reordering of sections & fields for every layout as well as in setting up of proper navigation or adding quick links.
    4. Custom workflow - Facilitates mapping of processes across CRM ecosystem as well as setting of alerts, checking data compliance, verifications, etc.

    8.Does my lead management software capture leads from all my major lead sources?

    There are different channels for generating leads and the methods are likely to be on the upswing. It depends on what you want-increase in lead sales or expansion of database. The most vital feature in today’s advanced lead management programs is lead capture automation feature.

    To that effect, while buying lead management software, you need to make sure that it has the capacity for automating lead captures from all major lead generation sources. These channels include Google Adwords, contents, social media, etc.

    9.How can I handle Analytics within CRM?

    Analytics in CRM refers to different types of reports that are generated as well as dashboards that help in collection and visualization of clients’ data, engagement levels, productivity of sales staff, etc. These can be easily integrated with external analytical tools like Google Analytics or Talend.

    10.How to keep my data safe in CRM?

    For keeping your data safe and secure, you may take the following aspects into consideration.

    1. To prevent your crucial data from being hacked by hackers, you can conduct a security check prior to deploying CRM as that will help you to identify any kind of vulnerabilities.
    2. You can define access levels for data in your company and even impose certain restrictions on staff for accessing some specific data depending on the hierarchy of human resources.
    3. By keeping continuous track of IP, API and browser user logins, it is possible to guarantee safety of data.
    4. For maintaining security of data, you can even have complex passwords for CRM users and change them at regular intervals.
    5. To ensure that all security regulations are being strictly followed, you can have audits from time to time.
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