About Us

What is TeleStreamCorp?

Pioneers of Call Centre lead generation in the 21st Century!

As the sudden growth of call centers began, market flocked towards this opportunity. However, they did not plan for sustainable growth. TeleStreamCorp was among the torchbearers. Unlike others, we planned meticulously to handle the challenges on our way. When management techniques, operational setups, and optimized technologies were blended together, the product named TeleStreamCorp Lead Generation came into existence.

We believe that the process of lead generation requires patience and dedication. We offer lead generation for auto, home, life and health insurance, home improvement, auto finance, mortgage and solar verticals. We have a quality screening process. We deliver prospects searching for quotes on the web real-time to agents who fulfill their expectations and requirements. Our secret to sustaining in such a competitive environment is that we devote time and resources to perfecting services. We value our customers and the commitments we make.

Be insured, be safe! Hop on for a journey together with TeleStreamCorp