Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

How could you use inbound or outbound telemarketing to improve your market penetration and bottom line? As an experienced telemarketer with both Inbound and Outbound expertise Tele Stream will provide you with innovative ways to use those services to your greatest advantage.

Search Engine Marketing

Think Search Engine marketing is an outmoded way to reach your desired audience? Think again. At Tele Stream an expert SEM team will show you cutting edge ways to achieve your customer contact and exposure goals with the latest SEM techniques and practices.

Paid Advertisement and Marketing

So are you currently doing PM or PPC ? Have you tried CPA, Revshare or Retargeting? Don’t fully understand how each can work effectively for you? Tele Stream can help. Our experts can put you into the Paid Advertisement and Marketing program that will work the best for you.

It’s simple, someone who sells needs someone to buy.

Having a “Great Idea” in business isn’t worth much if you can’t reach your targeted customers. Tele Stream has the technology, the know-how and the people to connect you to the consumers who will help grow your organization.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead acquisition through SEM technologies is more productive than cold calling.

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  • Lead Qualification

    Screened leads that are prequalified produce a higher % of sales

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  • Lead Distribution

    Get leads based on criteria you set, sent to the people you choose.

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  • Tech Support

    Whether your needs are inbound, live chat or ticket management, Tele Stream backs you with 24/7 highly trained support staff to keep business happening.

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Tech Support

Tele Stream there whenever for whatever your need!

Inbound phone support

Free key people. Provide inbound phone support. Tele Stream’s highly trained staff can handle sales, customer service, dispatch, appointments, and a host of other functions

Live chat

Provide your customers with a PERSON to help!

Ticket management

The latest in technologies to free your staff while assuring that work is scheduled and monitored to completion

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