Home Improvement Campaign

Home Improvement Campaign Details

Calling Days : Monday To Friday

Call Timing  : 9 AM to 6 PM EST

Data & Dialler  : Not Provided

Payment Terms  : Monthly NET20

Lead Report : CRM provided

Script and Rebuttal’s : Click Here for Script  and  Rebuttal’s

Lead price : $4.5 TO $9 Per lead based on Zip (for 19K zips of United States Price will be $9 and for rest of zips its $4.5)

Lead Posting : Online Form

Lead Recording : Shared via DROPBOX (Same Day).

Billable Lead Criteria : No old customers with no income. He/she must show his POSITIVE CONSENT at the end of CALL / NO FORCED LEAD.No Duplicate leads, No Mobile Homes, Bad/poor credit history not accepted. All call recordings should be complete with a Date stamp and TCPA.

Process : All leads will be passed from an Internal QA Process. QA Rejected leads will appear in CRM with rejected reason.

Return Leads : Depends on Lead Quality 8 TO 10%.

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Home Improvement Campaign Details